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First Strokes Swimming Pool, Just next door!

First Strokes Swimming Pool,   Just next door!

Babes in the swim.

Babes in the swim.

Concentration is key.

Concentration is key.

There is so much going on at Oakland Hall

we thought we would detail but a few…

Swimming Lessons with First Strokes free of charge for each child at Oakland Hall

Swimming is integral to Nursery life at Oakland Hall and is an essential life skill,which all our children are able to enjoy.

We take all our children swimming once a week and this is one of the many services included free of charge.


Daily Assemblies for all our children

In our assemblies we encourage all our pupils to stand up and speak or sing, developing their confidence and ability to communicate clearly to a group.

We incorporate music appreciation, singing, percussion instruments and movement, all accompanied with Makaton signing.

A Week with us

Our weekly timetable includes drama, cookery, forest schools, yoga, baby massage and much more.  We regularly assess our timetable to ensure that we are including all our children and their needs. We ensure that our timetables are varied and interesting offering all our children the opportunity to try new skills and to broaden their horizons.

Our Events Calendar

guide dogs 041

Guide dogs visit.

Our yearly events plan is a popular addition and gives parents the opportunity to be part of nursery life and their child’s achievements. Events include our Sports Day, showcasing our children’s physical achievement including our babies.  The Summer fete, popular each year and fun for all our children, graduation day for our Mighty Oaks and not forgetting our Christmas Nativity, remember to bring your tissues.  A Copy of our Events calendar is available at the nursery.

Your Birthday at Oakland Hall

Birthdays are a special occasion and we enjoy celebrating with each child at our nursery on its special day.  All children are gifted with a birthday card and a birthday song.

Communication with our Parents


Food for hungry minds.

We pride ourselves on striving to give the best communication between parents, children and staff and we have adopted numerous ways to achieve this.

On joining the nursery all parents are given a home communication diary and this is completed on a daily basis giving information on your childs’ sleep, food, activities and general well-being whilst also communicating any up and coming events or activities. We record all our children’s progression using our ‘2simple’ software which enables us to link their achievements with the EYFS- Early Years Foundation Stage. Parents have secure access to view their child’s development at home using their unique login details. Our friendly staff are always on hand to discuss on a one to one basis any issues or answer any questions our parents may have and we have a reminders board and a parents notice area in reception.

Important notices are emailed direct to our parents and paper copies are placed inside the communication books which a signature is required to confirm receipt of any information.

A Healthy Nursery

Hygiene plays a large part in our nursery and we do our utmost to tackle the spread of any infections by regular hand washing, daily laundry changes and we are able to offer children their own designated sleep bed or cot.

Our chef creates all our meals for wholesome ingredient and is able to ensure that our food is tasty and fun.  From breakfast to High tea and our snacks, feeding our hungry minds is an important part of our Nursery life.

All children with a birthday at Oakland are treated to their own birthday cake made by our chef.  We make sure that their special day is a very special day.

Helper of the Week

We are keen for our children to be a part of the day to day running of the nursery and we have introduced a ‘helper of the week’, who’s tasks include assisting our chef with snack time, overseeing daily risk assessment with the school head – just to name a few tasks.

Messy Play Time


Messy play with Miss Georgie

We believe that children need to explore and discover and this can mean expression in a very messy way. We have messy rooms available for all our children and they are used on a daily basis. We are also fortunate to have a messy room, which also can be adapted into a small theatre, a puppet show and a cinema offering a wealth of options.

Our Uniform

We are proud to have our Oakland Hall uniform and the children enjoy wearing it and being part of our family. It took much thought to develop a uniform that would be suitable for small children enabling them to move and be comfortable even during their rest times. We also took great consideration in choosing a uniform that would wash well, be hardwearing and above all else provide value for money as our children grow so quickly. We are hoping to develop a second hand uniform shop with some of our parents in the near future.

Outdoor Life

A place to perform, play, explore and have fun.

A place to perform, play, explore and have fun.

The gardens and grounds of our nursery are of utmost important to our learning ethos and we ensure that all children and babies go out for fresh air twice a day. Whether it is for a stroll or buggy ride, a run about in the Big “O”, playing in the sandpit or chatting with friends, we make being outside lots of fun.

Our Forest Schools and gardening classes give our children the opportunity to explore skills such as using tools and understanding how plants grow, hunting for insects, tree identification, sensory games – blindfold games, team games, circle games, problems solving, following trails – looking for clues, imaginative activities – role play, singing, stories and acting out, natural, weaving, moss painting, mud sculpture, planting seeds and much, much more…

Just to name a few!!!