Super Saplings 2 - 3yrs

Super Saplings children are aged from 2 years old and are introduced to a more structured routine alongside elements of the Early Years Foundations Stages. On a 1 to 4 ratio, we ensure that a full programme of activities is on offer to support each individual child’s ongoing development with fun educational activities such as gardening and cookery. As in every room our room leaders are qualified level 6 teachers and supported by an array of qualified nursery staff. Our Super Sapling Teacher ensures that a full program of activities is on offer each day covering all our children’s different interests. There is something for everyone and our Saplings make the most of their time with us.

They look forward to a well-earned rest in our ‘Glamping’ room which has individual Gruffalo ready-beds to make sure our children get the very best rest in the middle of the day – as they are very busy little bees!

The children take part in lots of arts and crafts, including threading and beading to help improve their motor skills. Colours and shapes are introduced with a real focus on ‘hands-on’ learning – making, doing and building increasing their ability to concentrate and attention spans.

Our teachers take the time to aid speech development and discuss books and day to day activities with the children, engaging and encouraging their response and understanding. All children are encouraged to take books home for their parents to read with them.

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