The Role of the SENCO

A Guide to your Nursery SENCo Roles & Responsibilities


All children are entitled to an education that enables them to:


• Achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes, and


• Become confident young children with a growing ability to communicate their own views and ready to make the transition into compulsory education’

Your SENCO is: Carmen Page

Deputy SENCO is: Hayley Thorpe

What is a SENCO?

It is a requirement for all settings to have a designated Special Educational Needs Co-Coordinator (SENCO). The settings SENCO will oversee and identify areas where additional support may be necessary for individual children. This could be in any area of learning – ranging from their communication skills through to physical development.

Roles & Responsibilities

It is the role of the SENCO to ensure that all staff members are following the Special Educational Needs & Disability code of Practice 2015. The core values of this will be embedded into our day-to-day routines and activities to ensure that no child is left at a disadvantage, and that each child is given equal opportunity to succeed. To provide an inclusive environment, the SENCO must see to it that practitioners are all providing the same support. It will be the role of the SENCO to teach, lead and advise these team members and to also lead by example.

Learning settings policies and procedures are a staple starting point in inducting any new staff, so this ensures all the team are aware of SEN policies and practice expectations. As each individual child’s needs will change and need varied support over time, it is the role of the SENCO to provide staff with adequate knowledge to support each child as an individual.

About the Local Offer

Suffolk’s Local Offer gives you clear, accessible and accurate information about the services available for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

In Suffolk, we want services that are able to respond to local needs and aspirations. This is why children; young people and their parents/carers work with the county council and partner organisations to review and develop services. The process of services working alongside children, young people, and families as partners are called ‘co-production’.

Suffolk’s Local Offer website holds information about education, health, and care services, as well as leisure activities and support groups – all in one place.

The information available on the Local Offer website describes the support available to families, and all children and young people with SEN and/or disabilities.

This support includes:

  • universal services for example early years and childcare providers, schools and GPs;
  • short-term support for children and young people with SEND who require additional support (in addition to what’s provided by universal services); and
  • specialist services for children and young people with SEND who need specific longer-term support.

The information about services and support detailed in the Local Offer website, which is part of Suffolk Info Link, is provided by organisations, and not by Suffolk County Council. Even though an organisation, group, activity, or service is included it does not mean it is recommended by Suffolk County Council, or that we have checked its quality. We recommend that you should always check with providers to be confident that their service or organisation meets the needs of your child, children, or family.